We have consistently identified future commercial growth areas, assembled large tracts for development, and bought and sold tracts and out parcels for our preferred customers. We assess commercial potential for current land owners as well as acquire specific parcels for end users.

Upon acquisition, either for others or our own portfolio, the firm can execute a full array of development services. Commercial land development is our preference, but we are also experienced in residential and resort property, office buildings, industrial parks, with broad experience in many other areas.

Over the years the firm has managed many different types of properties, including shopping centers, apartments, residential houses, industrial and office properties. We continue to provide quality, personal services for others as well as our own holdings.

We provided guidance for our partnerships and on a confidential basis regarding all types of investment opportunities. We do in-house bookkeeping, oversee all financial functions, provide direct accounting and we colaborate with a wide range of entities, including Private Equity groups, LLC's, Corporations, and Limited or General partnerships.

We actively research capital sources which can reduce our cash requirements or those of our partners. We evaluate stock, bank, and private funding for their respective attributes. The firm has and will locate funding, debt or equity for various projects as needed.

We are actively searching for companies that can be bought or sold. Our recent focus has been web based companies, as we believe opportunities in that sector are huge. 1031 exchanges are of particular interest and a growing part of our business.

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